Honeybee BrainyFile


10 lessons with activities and graphic organizers for learning and sharing everything about Honeybees. See what you will be learning:

  1. The Importance of Bees
  2. Honeybee history
  3. Honeybee Species
  4. Honeybee Anatomy
  5. Honeybee Castes
  6. Gifts from the Hive
  7. Beekeepers
  8. Killer Bees
  9. What is Hurting our Bees
  10. How I can Help Bees

boy doing brainyfile

Items needed to complete this project

  • Scissors
  • Adhesives of choice (glue, double stick tape, etc.)
  • Activities will require other easily-acquired items.





This is an interactive, multi-sensory activity file that engages your mind and hands. You will be learning and embedding the information into your mind as you read, learn, and create. BrianyFiles are graphic organizers that develop your skills in note-taking, summarizing, vocabulary, and comprehension. 

Step one in the BrainyFiles process is creating.

As you tranfer the information you read into a tangible, creative product, it becomes more concrete. The various geometric shapes and cut-outs place each learned fact into a real, organized “container” that holds that information in your mind in a new way. 

Step two in the BrainyFiles process is sharing. 

In just two weeks, you will have created a highly engaging and impressive project. Now is the time to share that with others. Take it to school, show your grandparents and friends. Each time that you present your BrainyFile, you not only teach others about what you learned, but that knowledge is further ingrained in your mind. You learn how to present your creation to an audience and become the expert in what you learned. Your confidence builds and your ability to speak to an audience (even if it’s only one person) becomes more comfortable. Just watch and enjoy how people respond to what you made. You should be very proud of yourself! 

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