Honeybee BrainyFile


10 lessons with activities and graphic organizers for learning and sharing everything about Honeybees. See what you will be learning:

  1. The Importance of Bees
  2. Honeybee history
  3. Honeybee Species
  4. Honeybee Anatomy
  5. Honeybee Castes
  6. Gifts from the Hive
  7. Beekeepers
  8. Killer Bees
  9. What is Hurting our Bees
  10. How I can Help Bees

boy doing brainyfile

Items needed to complete this project

  • Printer, color is preferred, but not necessary
  • Scissors
  • Adhesives of choice (glue, double stick tape, etc.)
  • Letter-size file folder in color of choice
  • Activities will require other easily-acquired items.





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