Host a Hive

Host a Hive

Want to be a part of helping the bee population in an intimate way, but not quite so intimate as caring for your own hive? Let me place a hive in your garden and I will take care of it and teach to to be a beekeeping partner. You get the benefit of pollination, experiencing the wonder of beehive observation, and a gallon of honey at harvest time.

Host A Hive Partnership Agreement

As a Host A Hive partner, your responsibilities are to:

  • provide a safe, secure, and hospitable environment for bees.
    attend one Intro to Beekeeping class
  • Honey Rewards

My thank you to you for hosting a hive is to receive one gallon of honey upon harvest within one year.

Purchasing Your Host-A-Hive

You may choose to purchase your hosted hive at any time for $300

  • If you decide to purchase the hive before 1 year, all honey within the hive will be yours.
  • If you decide to purchase the hive after 1 year, you will receive one gallon from that year’s honey, and all honey thereafter will be yours.

Contact me for more information and to request a placement analysis.