Honey, Moringa, and Healthy Skin!

Honey, Moringa, and Healthy Skin!

HONEY is amazing …Duh!


…and when you combine it with other amazing ingredients you get a synthesis of those combined benefits. Honey is so beneficial when you put it inside your body, but it is just as fantastic when you put it ON your body.


Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ? It covers your body and protects it from the elements and from disease. It holds everything in, and it is alive! Your skin also has to process chemicals that you put onto your skin, so always be careful about what you use. That’s where honey comes in handy. You can use it alone to moisturize, cleanse, exfoliate, and heal your skin, or use it as a base for other powerful skin helpers like herbs, yogurt, or oils.


I’ve used honey as a mask for my skin since I was a kid. Even then I was interested in using natural products on my body—I guess I was a hippy and didn’t even know it. I loved foraging for herbs to dry and grind up to add to my potions. Honey was the perfect base for everything because it helps your skin hold moisture, and its antimicrobial properties destroy bacteria that can cause acne or other skin infections… just make sure you use raw honey or many of those helpful properties aren’t there.


A while ago my friend Dave from Morganic Life gave me some of his Moringa products to try. These are supplements with formulations of different herbs along with Moringa. As I was reading the ingredient lists I knew that many of them were fantastic for the skin, and I also thought that each capsule was the perfect amount of dried herbs for mixing with honey for a mask. Eureka! I had to try it right away.


It was so simple, and of course I have my perfect supply of raw, local honey from my own bees.


moringa powder on honey

I love the earthy green color of all those fantastic herbs mixed with honey made from the flowers surrounding my hives: mesquite, palo verde, citrus, chaparral, and all the other wild blooming things.


capsule mixed with honey

I just mixed one tiny capsule in a bowl with about a tablespoon of honey and apples it to my face. You can actually feel the enzymes in the raw honey tingling on your skin.


I leave it on as long as I can (maybe while I write a blog post) and then rinse it off by first putting a little water on my fingers and making light circles around my face to use the fine grit of the herbs to exfoliate. Then I just rinse it all off. Dang! My skin felt so amazing and looked so healthy as I patted it dry, like the honey had filled every skin cell with moisture. I forgot to get a pic of that, but just try it yourself and you’ll know. Those super-saturated sugar molecules in honey attract water like nothing else. You’ll see what I mean.


This is just one more way to use that miraculous gift from the bees. Never take it for granted. Never underestimate its worth. Do your own research to find more and more ways of using it. I like to think of it as a catalyst to empower anything you add it to.