Gifts for Beekeepers

Gifts for Beekeepers

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up soon and it’s always so hard to find gifts for people who don’t seem to ever want anything. Well, I started to make a list of things that I am always in need of because I either run out them or they just get used so much. This is not your typical beekeeper gift list. Most of these are practical items that you can get at Walmart or Home Depot too. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bee-anything: coffee cups, jewelry, t-shirts, etc., but sometimes I just want stuff I NEED and end up always going to the store for. If you are the kind of person who likes giving useful gifts, then this is for you. And if you are a beekeeper who secretly has a list of things you wish someone would get you, please list it in the comments. Let’s help out our friends and family members who don’t have a clue what we want.

I do have a disclaimer here. Much of this is used in bee relocation, but many of us end up doing that anyway.

Beekeeping Gifts I want

  1. Ratchet Straps
  2. Tarp
  3. 5 gallon Buckets (Food grade or not)
  4. KwikMesh or 1/8 in Hardware cloth
  5. Flashlights
  6. Smoker wood chips
  7. Sugar (25 pound bag actually)
  8. Arizona Backyard Beekeeper Stickers
  9. Entrance discs from Apimaye
  10. Duct Tape (LOTS OF DUCT TAPE)
  11. Caution Tape
  12. Queen Clips (10 pack)
  13. Steel Wool
  14. Spray Foam
  15. Jars for Honey
  16. Arizona Backyard Beekeepers patches

Not pictured items that I thought of later

  1. Fischer’s Bee Quick
  2. #64 Rubber Bands
  3. Propane tanks and lighters
  4. Nitrile gloves
  5. Smoker
  6. Wire for frames
  7. Wire dispenser
  8. Wire crimper
  9. Hive tool

I just bet that your favorite beekeeper (especially one who does removals) would absolutely love to get this for any holiday, birthday, or just to say I love you. I hope this gave you some ideas and sparked an interest in looking for practical gifts that will be absolutely appreciated. Chocolate is always good too.