Join me to learn more and more about how to keep bees and care for them. I offer beginning and intermediate classes and workshops for children and adults. Many are onsite and all are loads of fun!



Class: Intro to Beekeeping


$40 per person  Register Here


This two-hour class will introduce you to the world of beekeeping in Arizona. We will cover equipment, hive placement, inspections, honeybee life-cycle and behavior, month-by-month responsibilities, honey, and other topics to get you off on the right foot. 




Class: Bee Relocation 


$40 per person (none scheduled)

This two-hour class will introduce you to methods for relocating swarms and colonies from trees and structures. We will go over the various tools and extraction methods you can employ to save bees. I will also discuss building vacuums, how to wire your own frames, and how to extract honey from cut outs. 




Workshop: Queen Marking & Re-queening


$30 per person (none scheduled)

Queens are the lifeblood of the hive and the oneway you can determine the behavioral characteristics of your hive. Here in Arizona it is vital to know how to manage queens.