Beekeeping Planner

Beekeeping Planner

A beekeeping planner? Heck ya!!

I LOVE planners. I LOVE planning my day and my life. So what is more appropriate than creating a planner that combines life goals with hive goals? For some of us they may be the same thing.

How many times do you ask yourself when the last time you treated your was, or what flowers should be blooming next to feed your bees? What about what you were doing in your hives last year at this time? If you are like me, then it’s a common occurrence. Beekeeping is definitely a journey that needs a map. The first year you are simply observing what goes on and trying to keep your little friends alive. The next year you have a little more experience and knowledge to make predictions and plan. But what if you didn’t write anything down? Much of what you gained in experience is lost in your not-so-reliable memory. It’s like starting over again. You ask other beekeepers what you should be doing this month or what you can plant for next spring, and you discover that nearly everyone else is wondering the same things. So you tell yourself to WRITE IT DOWN! But you don’t.

One of my goals is to be a resource to beekeepers.

I listen to those in my community and try to discover ways that I can help. One thing that I hear over and over is the phrase, “I should write this stuff down.” Believe me, I get it. I’m planner, but I’m also a free-flow beekeeper who would like to be a big more organized. I am one of those who is asking what to do this month. But I’ve slowly been compiling my own notes and it makes a difference.

Years ago, when I worked at one of my first jobs as a graphic designer, I went through the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People program and became absolutely addicted to Franklin-Covey Planners. I love waking up in the morning and planning my day. I love organizing my life and deciding on what goals to work on when. I absolutely enjoy starting the month with a blank canvas and plotting my activities on the calendar, deciding on what things I to focus on.

So one day when I was writing in my planner, it occurred to me that I could I already have the tool to hold all of my beekeeping notes. Even more, I could use it as a record keeper for years to come. Of course there are digital tools to do this, and I may someday use or create one suitable for me, but I am a tactile learner and there is nothing I like more than using my pink pen to cross off my task list or journal my thoughts. If you are like that too, I bet you’ll enjoy this “sweet” planner.

Get Organized

For this planner I wanted you to be able to plan your daily activities along with always keeping your hives in mind. A planner is a way to keep track of what you are doing so that each year you can be better and better in life and as a beekeeper.

I like to plan from the big picture to the smaller picture.

That means each month I want to decide what my goals are and determine how to make them happen. From there I like to plan my month, my week, and finally my day. Just think, you only have 12 times a year to plan your month. Make it count.

Learn as you go

Part of being a beekeeper is learning from each season so that you can be prepared. A planner is the best way to keep track of that information. You can keep track of what is blooming, when you need to feed, what the temperatures and weather are so that you can be ahead of the game. Little steps every day make the difference.

Start today to be a more organized beekeeper. Let me help you!

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